About ACTS

To facilitate and encourage communication and collaboration within a community of Chartered Teachers

· To support the community of Chartered Teachers in all its forms
· to encourage communication and collaboration between Chartered Teachers
· to encourage the provision of appropriate level CPD opportunities for Chartered Teachers
· to develop awareness of the professional identity of Chartered Teachers
· to make representation on issues affecting those in the Association of Chartered Teachers.

These might include a newsletter (moving towards an academic journal), events and meetings, lobbying, links to CPD, online communication and collaboration, and attendance at the annual Chartered Teacher conference.

3 thoughts on “About ACTS

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  2. I have been promoting my Chartered Teacher staus at a number of training events at which I have been presenting recently. By introducing myself and having CT after my name on my handouts I am helping raise our profile and deal with the accusation that CTs don’t want to be known. Maybe other CT colleagues could do the same.

    Simon Robinson
    City of Edinburgh

  3. Hi
    I agree with Simon that the profile of Chartered Teachers should be emphasised. Although I have Chartered Teacher status from England, I put my designation on emails and business cards as it raises the profile, particularly in my field of Mathematics.
    Hope to meet you at the Conference.

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